Beautiful Silver Anklets Online Shopping for Women


Silver Anklets Online Shopping Jewellery is one of the accessories that women always love to wear.  Some women like to collect it and others like to show it. Thus, it holds a very special place in a woman’s closet. When we think about adorning our feet, we have seen that most of the women neglect it. They forget that their feet also have the right o be beautiful and presentable. This inhibition can be remove by wearing anklets.

Anklets are pieces of accessory that never go out of fashion. They might not be seen too much,   but they are worth owning as they make your personality more stunning. But the condition is that you should wear it properly to create the perfect look. They complement every type of dress you wear, be it casual, official or ethnic.

Silver Anklets Online Shopping1When it comes to colour and design, jewellery should blend automatically with the colour of your skin…

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Fashion Obsession of the Day…

I blame… work for this. More specifically, I blame my colleague “A”. She always comes in looking all chic and fashion forward, but the bag she was sporting today totally awoke the little green monster of jealousy inside – haha!

It’s no big secret I love pop art and especially Roy Lichtenstein, so I guess that should come as no surprise. As soon as I was at my desk, I googled Gabs bags and tried to find the Lichtenstein-esque model in question (apparently the G3 Studio S0117). Turns out it’s out of stock everywhere as it was, apparently, part of their Autumn- Winter 2015 collection. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Guess it just makes it more of an actual obsession, though…

I’ve contacted the, Firenze based, company via Twitter – in what’s probably gonna prove a fruitless attempt to locate any available stock and am now awaiting…

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Counterfeiting Alert!- How to spot a fake MAC cosmetics

Mayrose By Nivea


Whenever I visit some small shop in the neighborhood to buy stuff… I always see them selling cosmetics from some big names like Mac, Chanel, Even Louis Vuitton (and I am like when did they start making cosmetics. LOL) and the sales people will try to convince the visitors to buy these cosmetics for prices way cheaper than the originals. Most of them can’t tell the difference between the fakes and the originals and sometimes even when they can, they buy it because the fakes cost less. The counterfeit can be a good copy of the original but it is more likely dangerous. I always get this urge to go to those women and tell them that what they are buying should not be used but, well, It’s hard doing that in today’s age.

Product counterfeiting is an Intellectual Property (IP) crime. It is defined as a deliberate attempt to…

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Walking on Sand


Writing this post through my phone again. Using the WordPress app for posting entries turns out to be convenient. The only drawback is that I can’t seem to find the “Insert Read More Tag” option, so I will have to do that later.

Anyway, I had this sudden urge to write an entry upon browsing through the photo gallery of my phone and saw a picture of me at the beach a year ago and realized that I haven’t been to the beach for such a long time now.

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