Top 4 Vanity Case for Traveling in Style


Why should traveling be an excuse to not look your best self? Of course, it’s exhausting and gives you a worn-out look at the end of the day. But, you can always keep your make-up kit handy for a little touch-up while you’re on the go. Who knows if you’ll have to sign in to a skype concall at the airport? Or simply click in those picture perfect moments with loved ones at new destinations. With a variety of shapes, sizes and shades, vanity bags and cases are too useful to not use. You’ll always be well-resourced to throw in a pretty look, whether you’re traveling or not.

Vanity bags are elaborate in purpose and style, they also add up as an extra luggage. On the contrary, vanity cases are more compact, versatile in design and practical use. They can be packed into your carry-on or check-in luggage as to your convenience.

Here is a list of best picks to help organize your make-up essentials and accessories.


BU Wood’s eclectic collection BUMI is of round-shaped vanity bags in vintage hat-box design. They come in four shades – vibrant Orchid, pastel Turquoise, neutrals Gray and Light Beige. It’s made of calfskin leather, comes with a small pocket at the interior and a metallic clasp closure in brass finish at the exterior. Measures: 30cm x 29cm x 9cm (W x H x D).


Head in the Clouds travel cosmetic case from Forever21 is quite spacious to load all your make-up must haves. It’s a tie-dye case with a ‘Day Dreamer’ graphic design at its exterior. It’s made of polyester fabric material with a fully lined top zippered placket. And just perfect for a carefree urban dweller who loves to instant-clean all the make-up spill overs and stains. The case is water resistant and easily washable for better maintenance. Measures: 20cm x 15cm x 13cm (W x H x D).


TUMI’s Voyageur collection includes Windsor Travel Roll in Atlantic Blue shade. It was created in collaboration with ace designer, Jonathan Adler. The travel roll displays a streamlined design coupled with lightweight fabric material, comfortably chic for travellers. It comes with 3 transparent zipped pockets and 2 regular zipped pockets in the interior for better organization. This helps you keep a check on the accessories you have while on travel. Measure: 20cm x 15cm x 3cm (W x H x D).


Nomadik’s exquisitely handcrafted travel case comes in both, caramel brown and nude shades. Its uniquely functional design with singular detailing makes it a collector’s souvenir. Made of sophisticated vegetable tanned leather, the soft, uncluttered interior is complimented with a handwoven leather strap closure. Measure: 9cm x 25cm (W x H).

I have only one last thing to say when it comes to vanity bags. They need to be large enough to hold all of your make-up kit. And, cute enough to drive home a bold statement on your personality. Which is your style or what suits your purpose? Would it be classy and vintage, retro and vibrant or urbane and versatile – pick the right combination of vanity bags or cases for your travel. Have a photo ready look every time you’re on board!

Beautiful Silver Anklets Online Shopping for Women


Silver Anklets Online Shopping Jewellery is one of the accessories that women always love to wear.  Some women like to collect it and others like to show it. Thus, it holds a very special place in a woman’s closet. When we think about adorning our feet, we have seen that most of the women neglect it. They forget that their feet also have the right o be beautiful and presentable. This inhibition can be remove by wearing anklets.

Anklets are pieces of accessory that never go out of fashion. They might not be seen too much,   but they are worth owning as they make your personality more stunning. But the condition is that you should wear it properly to create the perfect look. They complement every type of dress you wear, be it casual, official or ethnic.

Silver Anklets Online Shopping1When it comes to colour and design, jewellery should blend automatically with the colour of your skin…

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Fashion Obsession of the Day…

I blame… work for this. More specifically, I blame my colleague “A”. She always comes in looking all chic and fashion forward, but the bag she was sporting today totally awoke the little green monster of jealousy inside – haha!

It’s no big secret I love pop art and especially Roy Lichtenstein, so I guess that should come as no surprise. As soon as I was at my desk, I googled Gabs bags and tried to find the Lichtenstein-esque model in question (apparently the G3 Studio S0117). Turns out it’s out of stock everywhere as it was, apparently, part of their Autumn- Winter 2015 collection. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Guess it just makes it more of an actual obsession, though…

I’ve contacted the, Firenze based, company via Twitter – in what’s probably gonna prove a fruitless attempt to locate any available stock and am now awaiting…

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