Why Argan oil is your Go-To Natural Oil?

It’s nothing less than a miracle to find a one-stop solution that heals and revitalizes your beauty. Either store-bought or homemade, natural oils form an essential part of every beauty care product. Coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil are some of the most common while argan oil, tea tree oil are few of the rarest in their purest form. Each has its own set of benefits and caters to specific beauty needs.

To begin with, argan oil is a superhero that has a cure for all your skin and hair ailments. Right from dark circles to hair loss, it gives magical remedies that leaves a long-lasting glow and shine. Several leading brands like Josie Maran, Acure and Moroccanoil offer argan oil in various form to suit different purposes.

Here are a few ways to put argan oil to good use:

Note: Argan oil should ideally be mixed with any other natural oil like coconut oil before use. This helps dilute the potent nature of the oil. It can be applied on skin or used in aromatherapy.

Deep conditioning moisturizer

Before Bath: Suffering from dry skin? Mix two drops of argan oil with coconut oil or any other natural oil.

How to: Apply the mixture onto your skin before bath and rinse it off with a mild soap/shower gel.

Benefits: It helps moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

At night time: A single drop of argan oil can work wonder to your skin.

How to: Apply it onto your face before bed time for better results.

Benefits: It helps fight wrinkles and other signs of aging skin when used regularly.

For Acne

Argan oil has a high amount of linoleum acid.

How to: Apply drops of 100% Pure Argan Oil from Moroccanoil on your face, especially on areas surrounding acne.

Benefits: It acts as a soothing agent for acne-related inflammation in your skin. It helps reduce swelling and irritation.

For stretch marks

Lost weight post pregnancy or post work-out? If you find stretch marks as a deal breaker to your much-awaited weight-loss then try argan oil.

How to: Apply 2 to 3 drops of warm argan oil to the stretch marks, every day (overnight or before bath).

Benefits: It helps restore lost elasticity to your skin, toning it into shape.

For Mani & Pedi


Do you dread that oil leaves behind greasy stains? Then, argan oil is your best bet.

How to: Apply few drops to your cuticles and nails. But, remember to remove your nail polish completely and rinse well before applying Pure Argan Oil onto your fingers.

Benefits: It keeps nails and cuticles moisturized, strong and polished.


The same drill holds good for your feet too. Cracked heels can be too painful to even stand up straight.

How to: Rub onto your heels about two to four drops of argan oil. Massage well on dry skin, let it soak for a while and once its well-absorbed you can wipe it off thoroughly.

Benefits: It deeply moisturizes and revitalizes cracked heels.

Leave-in conditioner

Can oil be used as a leave-in conditioner? Non-greasy texture, rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants are a few of the many benefits of argan oil. Great choice for very curly, less porous hair types.

How to: Apply few drops of Pure Argan Oil on damp, towel dried hair after shower and just before styling it or going out in the sun.

Benefits: It helps tame frizz, fly away and acts as a natural heat protectant when using hair styling appliances.


Moroccanoil is a world-renowned line of hair care and body care products. The product formulas are infused with antioxidant, rich in nutrient and highly innovative in nature. They repair, restore and revitalize healthy hair and skin with each use. It’s highly recommended by runway stylists, celebrities and is embraced by women worldwide.

Top 4 ways to treat your skin right

How much do you really care for your skin? Let’s be honest. Alarming work hours and unrealistic deadlines cannot always excuse you from basic skin care routine. Wait a second. When was the last time that you got choked, gasping for fresh air amidst smoke and dust? Well, you cannot expect your skin to cope with all of that and more.

Oil yourself:

Coconut oil, olive oil or Pure Argan Oil from Moroccanoil are few of the must-have essentials in your beauty routine. Apply a dab of oil onto your face and a handful to your body in the morning before you use a cleanser. Leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes and then wash them off with a mild cleanser.

Tip: Pure Argan Oil gives positive results even for oily skin. It helps reduce oil secretion in your skin while restoring pH balance. So, don’t shy away from using natural oils every time you cleanse your face or body.

Water yourself:

Yes, it’s right. Like plants, our skin also needs to be well hydrated to stay in good health. Not only to do with increasing intake of water, but also to go for deep hydrating techniques like Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Treatment. Its more apt for those who detest applying oil on their skin or find it too clumsy to carry along with them.

Tip: Most skin problems arise out of lack of nourishment and adequate amount of water content in the body. When applied onto your body, it melts into oil and helps replenish your skin’s natural healthy texture.

Soft Cleanse:

Is your cleansing soap sulfate-free and paraben free? The fact is that liquid or bar cleansers doesn’t make much of a difference unless they are free from toxic additives. Try Cleansing Bar from Moroccanoil which is infused with pure argan oil and rich shea butter.

Tip: Bar cleansers are usually not skin-friendly, especially with dry skin. But, Cleansing Bar is great for dry skin, too. It’s made of all-natural ingredients that are thoroughly moisturising in nature. Or use it coupled with Dry Body Oil to better nourish your skin.

Shower Power:

Are you a believer in shower power? Well, we don’t want to hold you back from indulging yourself with a nurturing body care routine. Shower gel – Fragrance Originale is your best bet on making most of your bath time, refreshing and pampering your senses.

Tip: Delicately fragranced, it can act as a soothing body cleanser once you’re done with oiling or simply post work-out as you sweat out all day’s work hitting the gym. It also proves to be therapeutically calming with its exquisite aroma.

Skin care routine can vary on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Though basics like cleansing and moisturizing needs to done every day, use a scrub only once/twice a week. Or it will rip off essential natural oils from your skin, leaving it parched. So, even before you start off with setting your daily skin care, get your facts right.

Top 3 Colors for Bridesmaid Dress in Spring’15

Spring brings sunshine, warmth and celebrations. It’s a season for brand-new beginnings. I draw my spring inspirations from several little things. Dew kissed blossoms and tulips rent me shades for my spring wear and home décor.

That long gown. Every girl’s dream. Yes, your wedding dress is the single most priceless possession in your wardrobe. So, how do you choose the right one?

# 1: First look says a lot. Every time I go shopping with my best friends or cousins for their bridal dress, I ask them how they feel about the dress. I personally believe that even before trying them on, you’re either happy or not so happy just by looking at the dress.

# 2: Then the fitting, fabric, color and style need to work best in your favour. The bride has to look and feel adorable on her very special day.

# 3: The season and theme for your bridal party can help make the right choices. You can go by the colors, décor ideas and settings that ideally reflect them.

All said and done, the very fact that trying on dresses during the bridesmaid rehearsals would uplift spirits and prepare the setting for the upcoming bridal ceremony. Here are a few picks that you can choose to wear on your wedding day.

Classics are timeless.

What’s your style? Minimalist design with traditional twist.

Crystals and pearls vividly complement this chiffon bridesmaid dress, SIENA in White Lily. The sassy bridesmaid looks like a glam doll in white with a beaded keyhole neckline.


Adds volume and movement as you swirl and turn yourself on the dance floor on the wedding ceremony. Tailored to fit, the layered full-length skirt is spotlessly fabulous to wear on your best friend’s wedding.

Beauty in the detail

What’s your style? Feminine with a touch of elegance and a burst of colors.

Bright blue reminds me of the clear sky on spring mornings. Spruce up the ceremony in Harper – Something Blue bridesmaid dress.


Everything about the long gown is enchanting. The illusion neckline, intricate lace work along with keyhole closure at the back make you look like a princess out-of-the fairy-tale books.

Shades of Grey

What’s your style? Off-beat and unique with a love for neutrals.

Now, grey is the new white in bridal wear. Bold and beautiful shade to flaunt on your bestie’s very special day.


Strapless sweetheart neckline brings in the right mix of glamour and grace. While the empire waist adds panache to this asymmetrical bridesmaid dress in grey.

A bridal ceremony gives you every reason to share moments of joy with your loved ones. Put on your best look in style as you capture beautiful memories in a snapshot. Choose your bridesmaid dress and accessories well beforehand to save you from last-minute hassles. Go for reputed brands that have exquisite range of colors and scores high on quality as well. Be there for the bride and give her all love and smile. That’s what a bridesmaid does the best!

Top 4 Vanity Case for Traveling in Style


Why should traveling be an excuse to not look your best self? Of course, it’s exhausting and gives you a worn-out look at the end of the day. But, you can always keep your make-up kit handy for a little touch-up while you’re on the go. Who knows if you’ll have to sign in to a skype concall at the airport? Or simply click in those picture perfect moments with loved ones at new destinations. With a variety of shapes, sizes and shades, vanity bags and cases are too useful to not use. You’ll always be well-resourced to throw in a pretty look, whether you’re traveling or not.

Vanity bags are elaborate in purpose and style, they also add up as an extra luggage. On the contrary, vanity cases are more compact, versatile in design and practical use. They can be packed into your carry-on or check-in luggage as to your convenience.

Here is a list of best picks to help organize your make-up essentials and accessories.


BU Wood’s eclectic collection BUMI is of round-shaped vanity bags in vintage hat-box design. They come in four shades – vibrant Orchid, pastel Turquoise, neutrals Gray and Light Beige. It’s made of calfskin leather, comes with a small pocket at the interior and a metallic clasp closure in brass finish at the exterior. Measures: 30cm x 29cm x 9cm (W x H x D).


Head in the Clouds travel cosmetic case from Forever21 is quite spacious to load all your make-up must haves. It’s a tie-dye case with a ‘Day Dreamer’ graphic design at its exterior. It’s made of polyester fabric material with a fully lined top zippered placket. And just perfect for a carefree urban dweller who loves to instant-clean all the make-up spill overs and stains. The case is water resistant and easily washable for better maintenance. Measures: 20cm x 15cm x 13cm (W x H x D).


TUMI’s Voyageur collection includes Windsor Travel Roll in Atlantic Blue shade. It was created in collaboration with ace designer, Jonathan Adler. The travel roll displays a streamlined design coupled with lightweight fabric material, comfortably chic for travellers. It comes with 3 transparent zipped pockets and 2 regular zipped pockets in the interior for better organization. This helps you keep a check on the accessories you have while on travel. Measure: 20cm x 15cm x 3cm (W x H x D).


Nomadik’s exquisitely handcrafted travel case comes in both, caramel brown and nude shades. Its uniquely functional design with singular detailing makes it a collector’s souvenir. Made of sophisticated vegetable tanned leather, the soft, uncluttered interior is complimented with a handwoven leather strap closure. Measure: 9cm x 25cm (W x H).

I have only one last thing to say when it comes to vanity bags. They need to be large enough to hold all of your make-up kit. And, cute enough to drive home a bold statement on your personality. Which is your style or what suits your purpose? Would it be classy and vintage, retro and vibrant or urbane and versatile – pick the right combination of vanity bags or cases for your travel. Have a photo ready look every time you’re on board!

Top 4 Must-Have Spring Wear

Nature has its own way of donning a new look with every changing season. Sprightly and bright, spring is here right now. For me, it’s all about staying outdoor for celebrating or getting busy with activities. What’s more? I love the colors of spring spells the end of gloomy shades in grey. The fashion aficionado in me is all set to do away with oversized sweaters, blanket scarves and knee-length boots. And so, I simply put them in a loft above my wardrobe for future use. It helped me clear more space for my spring-inspired shopping.

Now, time to go for the reset button in your closet. Even before starting with my shopping list – I Recycle, I Donate or I Discard. No, it’s not at all doable at the very first time when you try. But once you’ve done it twice, you’ll never regret it again. Run your entire wardrobe through the drill to keep it spring ready.

A few top picks that are part of my spring staples, this year.

Floral prints and pastel shades continue to dominate spring wear collection, year after year. So, I’ve invested on a line of ready-to-wear dresses that are effortlessly chic in curiously offbeat designs and hues.

Wrap dress never lets you down while you’re busy holidaying. Easy to drape on-the-go to a beach party, sports a laid-back yet chic look. A classic mock wrap jersey with a pattern mixed print mimics a wrap dress, conveniently.


Nothing can beat a relaxed stroll in the sun. Not after spending several months indoors in the winter. Try on a stunning maxi dress in blue and white. Stylishly tailored with a V-back detail, this pop over silhouette in sleeveless is a staple you’ll vouch by.


Effortlessly don the party look after a busy day at work. An asymmetrical crop top paired with a flowy midi doubles up as both, office wear and party wear. The stretch charmeuse fabric with its soft and silky texture complements the bold print in blue.


Accessorize rightly to suit the occasion. I keep it minimal at workplace with formal shoes and a classic watch. And, swap it for wedges or stilettos for an evening dinner party.

Partying late night or eating out brunch on a lazy Sunday, I somehow let black sneak into my casuals without even realizing it. A sleeveless jumper in crepe de chine is a must-have that works the right look all-round the year. Sporty and casual while not missing out on the style quotient.


Glide through the round neckline effortlessly as you tuck in your smartphone onto the side pockets. Deck it up with printed sneakers for that laid-back look for every girl on-the-go.

The most eventful part of the year, spring season is always packed with festivity and celebration. Dress up in vibrant hues or complement basic shades with eclectic accessories. Always stay true to your unique fashion statement and stand by it. Try on latest trends and collections of the season, customizing them to suit your need.

Top 4 Weekender Bags for Women

Are you a zestful woman looking for a short weekend break from everyday routine? Busy swapping roles day-in and day-out, women hardly find time to unwind and explore new places. But when they do, the right gear and travel choices can help make a memorable traveling experience.

Here is a list of weekender bags, perfect for any short, revitalising break that was always on your travel wishlist.

Maxwell Gym Bag

A casual, sporty travel bag from the Alpha Bravo collection that also doubles up as a gym bag. They make a good companion for your workout drill at weekdays and on short trips at weekends. The exterior features a waterproof pocket for damp clothing or shoes, a water bottle pocket, two zipped pockets at front and on the side, a removable shoulder strap along with leather carry handles. While the interior pockets made of durable ballistic nylon provides space for gadgets and other accessories. Manoeuvre easily with the Add-A-Bag system that helps pair up luggage together. And, the TUMI tracer system helps trace and retrieve lost luggage while you’re traveling.


The Q-Tote, a trendy and comfortable travel bag from the Sinclair collection that stays in vogue every season. Comes in vibrant shades with contrasting interiors that are made of durable coated canvas material. Not too many or too few, it has the right number of interior pockets and compartments for better organization. The 10” long leather carry handles just add elegance and ease to your weekend trip. Also, Add-A-Bag system helps you pair up the Q-Tote with other TUMI luggage.

Athens Carry-A

The Voyageur collection has always symbolized sophisticated and versatile travel bags. Either on a business and leisure trip, the carry-all bag is exquisitely designed for women on-the-go. Made of lightweight fabric, it doesn’t compromise on durability or elegance. On the exterior, there are a couple of easy-access U-shaped pockets, zipper pulls in leather and a distinctive ID tag to help you identify your travel bag while you check-out. Soft, flexible and spacious enough to cater to all your travel packing needs, it scores high on its organization feature with exclusive interior pockets for electronic gadgets and accessories.

Framed Soft Duffel

Executive class in style and functionality, the Alpha 2 collection stands apart in design, innovation and performance. Made of signature FXT ballistic nylon, the soft travel and business case is a carry-on size duffle bag. It comes with a framed opening which supports full and easy access into the main compartment. A number of interior and exterior pockets gives space for organizing knick-knacks while a 15”padded pocket accommodates tablet or laptop. Adding on to its wet pocket, the interior zip pocket is designed with Tumi ID Lock. The lock protects personal data that are encoded on most IDs, credit cards and passports while on travel.

Now you’re all set to make your weekend trip, hassle-free. Choosing the right luggage gets half the job done. Once you’ve all your valuables and essentials organized, you can also pack for some fun activities like trekking with these luxuriously spacious, resilient and lightweight weekender bags.